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Free Music Download Program

We live in an age where you can find almost anything for free on the Internet. Music has been available online for free since the start of the millennium. Downloading music for free poses risks; however, a free music download program can do the trick. When downloading music for free ensure you have the appropriate license to the track or album you are downloading. LimeWire, iMesh, and Kazaa are the top free music download programs.

Kazaa is a free music download program that utilizes the FastTrack protocol for painless downloading. The program is owned by Sharman Networks and can be used to exchange various files - most commonly music. While Kazaa is a free program it is heavily ad supported, however; it is the price users pay for free music. Kazaa has been the target of recent copyright infringement cases, however; the service will remain operational.

iMesh is a free music download program based on a peer-to-peer network that utilizes a proprietary protocol known as IM2Net, which is on a centralized server. iMesh is one of the few P2P programs that have the support of the Recording Industry of America. iMesh is the predecessor of BearShare, which was taken offline in a Supreme Court ruling.

LimeWire is a top rated peer-to-peer free music download program that works with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Users can exchange music, video, pictures, software, and other files. LimeWire comes with a free (ad supported) version or a paid program. The download service is not RIAA compliant, however; it provides warnings when unlicensed content is being downloaded. Unlike Kazaa, LimeWire does not contain malware.

Despite which free music download program you decide to use, it is important to consider the nature of the program. In order for the music to be free it must be independent and not copyrighted. A song that is downloaded wrongfully can result in action by the RIAA. One illegal song could cost more than $80,000. If you dare download music online you must own the track (and have proof of ownership).

If you are looking for free music download programs consider trying iTunes or AmazonMp3. Both of these music stores offer a plethora of free albums and songs. More than 700 free songs can be found on Amazon and many more in iTunes. Locating free music is not hard, however; doing things the right way isn't always faster. Independent and aspiring artists often make their music available on the Internet, including their website.