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Free Music Downloads For iTunes

If you have more space left in your iPod than money to fill it, you may be interested in finding free music downloads for iTunes. Fortunately, the internet abounds with sites from which you can legally download quality music for free. If you are looking for free music downloads for iTunes, the first place to look is the iTunes store. The iTunes store maintains a "Free on iTunes" page where it showcases a handful of songs available for free download.

By offering a limited roster of free downloads, iTunes is able to promote new artists and new albums as well as expand their users' musical horizons and encourage them to delve more deeply into the iTunes inventory of songs. The selection of free music on iTunes rotates on a weekly basis, usually on Tuesdays. Each week, iTunes makes available a free "Single of the Week," usually by a new "breakthrough" artist, a free Latin music "Single of the Week," and a free "Discovery Download," from a specific genre, such as pop or soul, which is offered as an incentive to customers to explore different varieties of music. Free downloads are available only to registered and logged-in iTunes users. The music blog maintains a list of links to free songs at the iTunes stores, as well other free downloadable content at iTunes, such as music videos and television shows. A companion blog, offers links to free music, and other free downloads, offered at international iTunes stores, including iTunes in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Mexico.

You will find a great variety of additional free music downloads for your iPod or mp3 player once you venture outside of the iTunes store. An excellent source of free music is the music blog 3hive where artists and record labels post free downloadable singles in mp3 format in order to promote them to a larger listening audience. Frequently, links will be provided to sites where users who enjoyed the single can download an EP or full album, often for free or at a minimal cost. The music featured on 3Hive has generally been recorded by established independent and alternative groups and singer-songwriters or by emerging artists.

The site Superfan2009 offers links to an unusually broad selection of free music downloads in mp3 format from a variety of genres. Another source of reliably engaging and high quality free music is Epitomic which bills itself as "your source for cutting edge music," and offers, in addition to free music downloads, a plethora of information about featured artists, a newsletter, and a community forum.

There is a free music download site for just about everyone. If you are looking for classical music to calm your nerves during a stressful commute, try Mfiles. Trying to find music for your youngster's iPod? Take a look at freekidsmusic and freechildrensmusic. Those whose loyalties lie strictly with independent acts will find everything they want at ArtistServer.

If you want to listen to new music but find that you are low on cash, there is no reason to despair. There is plenty of free music in cyberspace waiting to be downloaded. Free music downloads are a great excuse to explore new artists and new genres. Why shell out $9.99 for the latest Coldplay or Britney Spears album when an entire musical universe is out there ready to be discovered for free?