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Free Music Downloads

One of the greatest benefits of the Internet is the way in which it has made music, books, art, and other forms of media available to people who would otherwise never hear, see, or read it. This is particularly true of music, which can now be downloaded with ease all over the world. Entire albums, classical oratorios, television theme songs, and even snippets from other musical works are available to the Internet user. Much of this is accessible only if a certain amount of money is paid, but there are also many places to find free music downloads as well.

Those who are looking for free music downloads must be very careful to make sure they download free music legally. The news in recent years has been filled with stories of record labels who have sued users who have downloaded music through online file-sharing networks without the permission of the record label. Many people have posted online copies of entire albums on these networks that are then downloaded all over the globe. In doing so, the exchange of money was done away with entirely, and the artists and companies who actually produce the music have not received the proper reimbursement for their services. Free music downloads through these networks remain illegal for those songs that are owned by an artist or a label who has not released the work into the public domain.

There are, however, many places online where legal free music downloads are available. This is especially true of websites owned by independent bands who are trying to get their music heard in order to encourage music labels to give them a contract. Some of these artists will allow you to download as much music as you want as long as you promise to share it with others. Many older works that are now in the public domain are also available as free music downloads, although users must be careful even with these works, as the particular performance of a work in the public domain may not be available legally as a free download. An individual recording of Handel's Messiah by the London Symphony Orchestra, for example, may be copyrighted and illegal to download from most online sources.

As long as the legality of the free music download is taken into consideration, Internet users can profit from a ton of musical resources that were inaccessible a few years ago. So investigate each website you visit and the ownership of each work you want to download in order that you might not accidentally become a lawbreaker as you enjoy your tunes.