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Free Music Sites

Downloading illegal music has become a controversial issue lately thanks to several much-publicized music-related lawsuits .Once commonplace; the practice is now hotly debated, a bit taboo and certainly risky. But where can music aficionados legitimately get their fix? Luckily, there is an abundance of free music sites scattered across the Internet that are sadly often forgotten. From free music listening sites for immediate gratification to free music downloading sites for fueling up a hungry Mp3 player, there is something out there to suit every taste and occasion, and it's all on the house.

Free music sites that allow users to listen to streaming music online are becoming a popular alternative to conventional radio broadcasts. Grooveshark allows users to create playlists of their favorite songs, and will then recommend similar music for them to discover. Pandora lets music lovers create custom web radio stations, and users can create a musical montage for their web site or blog on Jukeboxalive. Planning a party? Musicovery will play music based on the "mood" hosts wish to create.

Contrary to popular belief, free music download sites that are completely legal do exist on the web. Explore with a sense of adventure, though, because most of these free music sites only offer classic pop recordings that have become public domain or tracks from underground or lesser known artists. Be the first to discover hidden gems and help promote unsigned bands at sites like Jamendo, Epitonic and GarageBand. Sites like iTunes or Napster do sometimes offer more mainstream music for free download, but this is an occasional phenomenon that is usually promotional in nature.

Need a little visual stimulation with all this new found music? There are also plenty of free music sites that specialize in delighting viewers with thousands of free music videos. A few of the most popular are FindVideos, Yahoo! Music, MTV and, of course, the infamous YouTube. Blastro caters beautifully to hip/hop, reggae and Latin music lovers. Fans can also go directly to their favorite band's website or MySpace page for free streaming videos; more and more artists are experimenting with this type of self-promotion.

From Rap to Punk Rock, there is a free music site that pays homage to every genre of music imaginable, and experimenting with these sites is a great way to discover musical treasure, fill up an Mp3 player, or breathe life into a ho-hum get-together. Stop paying costly download and membership fees and stop worrying about pesky Copyright issues by exploring this wealth of free tunes today!