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Free Sheet Music

Some musicians are able to play their instrument by ear - they hear a song and then can repeat it without seeing the score for the piece. Yet most people who play instruments, whether as amateurs or professionals, do not have the capability to play by ear. If they are going to make music with their instruments, they need to have sheet music in front of them that tells them which notes to play and when to play them.

Paying for sheet music is one of the many expenses associated with playing a musical instrument, and wise musicians look to lower their costs whenever possible. That is why most instrumentalists and vocalists are always trying to find free sheet music. This is especially true when they are looking for the score for pieces that are well-known and commonly heard in the culture. Since the music is played so often, they reason, it is probably in the public domain, and the sheet music should be available somewhere at no cost for the musician.

If, in fact, the song is part of the public domain, chances are very good that the musician will be able to find free sheet music for the song in question. Whether it is a piece written for trumpet, voice, piano, or any other instrument, free sheet music will usually be available somewhere for the song. Increasingly, the Internet has sites post the sheet music of classic pieces online. A simple Internet search will turn up any sites that offer free sheet music, so musicians should never fail to take advantage of online resources when they want to find scores at no cost.

In the event that free sheet music is not available on the Internet for the song in question, musicians should know that libraries are also good resources for free music. This is especially true of the libraries of music schools on the campuses of colleges around the country, but the public libraries in larger cities will also have free music in their collections some of the time. Sheet music in libraries may not be available for checkout, but if it is in the public domain, the musician will be able to make copies of it and then take it home. Before going to a library to find sheet music, the musician should call ahead to find out if there is sheet music in the library's collection. Otherwise, much time will be wasted when the musician goes to the library and finds that it does not have any music that can be searched through.