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Star Wars Music

Star Wars has changed popular culture forever, both in how it has affected movie making as well as the speech of people everywhere. The computer-generated effects so common in summer blockbusters today would have been impossible without George Lucas' efforts to make his original space trilogy. Who among us has not heard or said lines like "May the force be with you" or "Luke, I am your father"? The Star Wars trilogy has also bequeathed to us some of the most memorable soundtracks ever recorded and Star Wars music is familiar to us all.

John Williams, the famous American composer, is responsible for the scoring of all the Star Warsmusic in the original trilogy of films and the later prequel trilogy. George Lucas made an excellent choice when he gave Williams the job because of Williams' ability to evoke grand themes in the music he writes. The use of the London Philharmonic Orchestra certainly did not hurt things either; as some of the finest musicians in the world gathered to play Williams' score and make Star Wars music memorable for all the right reasons.

The most familiar piece of Star Wars music would have to be the opening theme played over the text introduction piece that begins every Star Wars film. The heroic sound of trumpets proclaims the advent of the next chapter of the story, but it is also used as Luke Skywalker's fanfare in each of the original three films. Also well known is "The Imperial March" that appears in every Star Wars film except for Episode IV. Williams created this piece to evoke the sinister side of the films' villains, the all-too-powerful galactic empire, particularly Darth Vader.

With the prequel films released between 1999 and 2005, Williams experiments a bit more in composing the score for Star Wars. Episodes I-III features the haunting "Duel of the Fates," whose contrast of sounds brings to mind the clash between good and evil. Unlike most of the other pieces written for the films, there is some singing included in this work. "Across the Stars" features in Episodes II and III and serves as the love theme for Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.

Star Wars music today is available for sale both in stores and online. There are soundtracks for each of the movies individually, and consumers have the option to buy compilations that collect multiple soundtracks in one set. John Williams' music from Star Wars is also available for download, which is quite a convenient option for most people today.