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Watch Music Videos

Popular music was changed forever when music videos first became widespread in the early 1980s. Now it is hardly possible to be a superstar artist in the music business without ever having released a music video, and some of the most popular cable networks are dedicated to the proposition that people want to watch music videos at nearly any time of day. It is no longer necessary, however, to have access to cable television to watch music videos because there are dozens of sites where you can see these videos online.

Generally speaking, those who want to watch music videos online need to have a very fast Internet connection that can deal with streaming audio and video. A fast dial-up connection can be sufficient for these purposes, but it is really better to have a high-speed Internet connection such as those available with a DS line or a cable modem. These connections enable users to stream video in real time without delay or allow the user to download large video files that can then be watched on a laptop or desktop computer.

Once a proper Internet connection has been established, those who want to watch music videos online need to know where they can find these videos. An obvious choice is Youtube, which makes videos of all kinds available to those surfing the Internet. Youtube can be a great place to find obscure music videos because users can upload copies of their own videos to the site, and there is an excellent chance there will be at least one person somewhere who shares your taste in music and has loaded a video you would like.

Aside from Youtube, there are also websites of musical artists and record labels where it is easy to watch music videos online. The one downside to these options is that many of these sites will only have the most current releases from the artist or label up for viewing. This is also true of the homepages for cable networks like MTV or VH1 that often feature the newest and most popular videos online for viewers to watch.

In any case, it is possible to see the videos of your favorite artists online if you are willing to do a little searching. If you are a music fan and want to enjoy a video from your favorite artist, just continue surfing and searching until you find the one you want to see.