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YouTube Music Videos

Music videos remain an excellent way to get an artist's song noticed, and many songs have rocketed to the top of the charts because of an entertaining and captivating music video produced to coincide with the song's release. Popular stations like MTV and VH1 will play a good music video repeatedly over the course of a day, and the song's popularity can also endure for many years because these same stations will broadcast the video years or even decades after it was first produced.

It used to be that a person had to have cable access to watch a music video, but that is not true anymore. Today, YouTube is increasingly popular as a place to find good music videos, and YouTube music videos receive thousands of views each year. New and old artists alike have their music videos on YouTube, and savvy marketers understand that YouTube music videos enable an artist to get a much wider audience than would have otherwise been possible because of the global reach of the Internet.

YouTube music videos offer music fans the benefit of being able to watch the exact music video they want to watch when they want to watch it. With cable the viewer must often sit for hours to wait for their favorite video, and if the video plays when the viewer is not at home, it is highly likely that the viewer will miss it. YouTube music videos are accessible and searchable any time of the day from nearly anywhere in the world that a person can find an Internet connection. If a video is on YouTube, the viewer will never miss it, for it can be pulled up immediately as soon as the YouTube page is accessed.

YouTube music videos also have the advantage of allowing artists without a record label to get their music known. Anyone who has a digital video recorder can make a music video and post in on YouTube, and making a music video of your garage band and placing it online can build a fan base that might make a label more willing to sign you. Even if you have no desire to write music professionally, a YouTube music video can be a fun way to pass the time or show off your skills to the world.

The best way to find the YouTube music video for which you are searching is to type in the name of the artist and the song title in the search field on the YouTube homepage. You might also want to include the term "video" in your search. In any case, you should be able to find the video you are looking for.