Enjoying High-Quality Drinks


When it comes to enjoying alcoholic drinks, high quality invariably means a more palatable taste. It is often said that an inferior quality wine tastes like vinegar! Whiskeys can range from a single malt scotch to an American bourbon and is an enthralling topic. This blog will seek to educate readers on how to find the best wine, whiskey and cocktails. Fascinating discussions will focus on vintage years for wine, the best-aged whiskeys and premium spirits for cocktails. Offering expert advice on selecting the most appropriate drinks for any occasion, visitors to this blog will increase their knowledge of wine, whiskey and cocktails.

Tequila: What’s With the Worm?

27 Mar 2022

Everyone loves the occasional shot of tequila, but what's the deal with the worm that floats in the bottom of the bottle? According to legend, the practice dates back some 2,000 years, when Aztec priests would add the worm (it's actually a caterpillar) to enhance the concoction's psychotropic effects.

Bloody Mary; the Quintessential Hangover Remedy

15 Feb 2022

According to many cocktail aficionados, nothing cures a wicked hangover like a well-mixed Bloody Mary. Typically consisting of vodka and tomato juice, Bloody Marys can also include other ingredients (depending on who’s mixing it), such as Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, garlic, olives, celery, black pepper and lemon pepper, and lemon juice.

How to Make a World-Class Margarita

10 Jan 2022

No cocktail menu is complete without the iconic margarita, which consists of lemon juice, sugar syrup, Cointreau, tequila (and a bit of salt on the rim of the glass). For those who take their cocktails seriously, a well-mixed margarita will always represent the ultimate summer refreshment.

Absinthe: Banned for 100 Years

8 Dec 2021

Few alcoholic beverages have a history as colorful as that of Absinthe, which was popular among artists and intellectuals during Europe’s Belle Époque era. Internationally banned in 1915 due to its (allegedly) harmful effects, Absinthe was decriminalized in the early 21st century and is now easily found at any well-stocked bar.